Connect the dots ☥

For the sake of making this as accessible as possible, some of the loftier concepts have been simplified but I urge you to research deeper if something intrigues you - here are some links and videos you might find useful :)

Modern science has given us breakthroughs such as quantum field theory and the closely related quantum entanglement. Quantum field theory views particles (the smallest observable things) as “excited” states of an underlying field – a field which all observable matter is connected to. Some scientists are likening this to an invisible neural network which connects literally everything in our universe. The notion of an all-pervading network connecting everything (which we would assume includes consciousness/awareness) begs the question; is this the supreme being or source of creation that religious people would call God?

When we turn our eye to nature we can see that things are not simply growing and evolving randomly. While biodiversity is important to ensure stable genetic reproduction, there are also fundamental patterns at work which remain constant.


In this image, you can see the Fibonacci sequence represented by numbers and a spiral, with examples from nature. This sequence is present in various aspects of the human body including the length ratios of our bones, it is the reason why the fingers of a clenched fist fit perfectly inside. At almost every level of the known universe we see precise sequences and geometry – our own intelligence should tell us that a reality of this complexity could only be a product of intelligent design.

This video beautifully illustrates the presence of geometry in nature:

Another example of patterns in nature is the flower of life – this pattern can be found at temples and sacred sites around the world including China’s ancient Forbidden City and the Temple of Osiris in Egypt. It’s closely associated with spirituality and was featured on the cover of Coldplay’s latest album.

Here you can see how the formation of the flower of life pattern exactly matches the first stages of our conception from a single cell. Hidden within the flower of life pattern is mathematical information about light, harmonics and many other fundamental aspects of our reality. Things get even more interesting though when you join up specific points to create Metatron’s Cube, revealing the 5 platonic solids. These five shapes have an identical structure to the key building blocks of our universe.

When we examine the findings of science and compare them to some of the teachings, culture and knowledge of ancient times we begin to see similarities and in some cases direct connections. These are the descriptions of male and female energy:

Male energy - Linear, analytical, strategic and practical. Focuses on components and when constricted it can become blundering and confrontational (also stubborn, arrogant and closed minded).

Female energy - Curved, creative, expressive and emotional. Focuses on the whole, has trouble sticking to schedules and when constricted it loses flow, disrupting mood and ideas.

Society as a collective has spent the last few thousand years operating mainly from the male principle, this can be characterised as patriarchy and our predominantly scientific approach to existence. While some ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Mayans did have advanced scientific and astrological knowledge, many also possessed an emotional intelligence which is attributed to the female principle – an understanding and respect for nature, balance and their importance in sustaining life. We don’t have to look far to see that modern society is lacking this emotional intelligence with constant conflict, exploitation and destruction rife across our planet.

Understanding and approaching existence from a solely male perspective limits us significantly. Collectively we have become so disconnected from our full emotional potential that for all our impressive technological advancements, we are yet to establish real peace, equality or equilibrium with nature. The lack of emotional intelligence or feminine energy in society is largely due to the oppression of women and femininity dating back thousands of years - this oppression likely stems from the inflated male ego. Women are the mothers, nurturers and emotional conduits of our species. The feminine principle which obviously comes more naturally to women is the gateway to empathy and emotional connection.

A true understanding of universal duality (yin and yang / male and female) acknowledges that one cannot exist without the other and that if one suffers, both suffer. It is my conclusion that to resolve the issues of conflict and ensure the longevity of our species, the collective balance of male and female energy within society must be restored. This means confronting male pride/ego, empowering women and reconnecting with our capacity for emotion and compassion. We live in a society where what young men are taught about masculinity is exactly what’s wrong with society – i.e. suppress emotions, objectifying/dehumanising women is acceptable, violence is entertainment etc

I am by no means a model on which this change should be based, I’m simply doing what I can to assist in the healing that we undoubtedly need. I encourage everyone reading this to take a second and reflect; are you contributing to our healing or destruction? The best advice I can give to a world consumed by social media is; don’t use it without a purpose, your voice is more powerful than you think. The beauty of this healing is that it doesn’t require anything external, no doctor, pills or surgery; only that we take responsibility for our contribution to the world.